The Jewel in the Crown - Templemore Park

Situated just off the main square in Templemore the park offers a free outdoor experience for every family member. Templemore park is a wonderful place to spend time unwinding, walking and observing the beautiful wildlife all around.

The extensive park woodland was planted by the Carden family over two centuries ago. Some of the trees are as much as 250 years old. It is lined with avenues of mature Oak, Beech and Chestnut trees. It is a great opportunity to take the nature trail and see if you can identify the many species of trees on the trail.

Templemore bridge
The Heritage Stone Bridge, c1820

The heritage stone bridge was built c1820 and is woven into the history of Templemore. The old Church and graveyard date back to the 18th century. There is a man-made lake of approx 7.5 acres stocked for fishing . There is an abundance of wildlife and beautiful Flora and Fauna.

The Lakeside Pitch & Putt
The Sensory Gardens

Amenities on-site : FREE parking open 7 days a week, a sensory garden and walkways made wheelchair accessible, outdoor picnic tables made from recycled plastics, a large children’s playground, outdoor exercise machines, an all-weather athletic track, Lakeside Pitch & Putt, old historic ruins, open grassland and benches, doggy bags available upon arrival to the park, Park Run every Saturday morning.

The Templemore Heritage Trail

Commissioned by Templemore Town Council in 2014 this trail takes you on a wonderful trip around our 250 year old town. View the many historic buildings including St. Mary’s Church of Ireland, our Town Hall, Garda Training College and the ruins of the old Norman church situated in our magnificent Town Park. Leaflets available at Templemore Library.